Happy World Egg Day 2017

World Egg Day? Is there even such a day that is needed to be celebrated? Ah-huh! Just like you, I wouldn’t know it if I wasn’t invited to grace this event. There is World Egg Day everyone!

So, what is World Egg Day? World Egg Day is celebrated to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and is celebrated in countries all around the world. We are celebrating World Egg Day because we have to be aware that eating EGG is healthy.

How does eating eggs become healthy? At least how many eggs should we eat daily?

First and foremost, I was really looking forward to attending this event because I have a picky eater. Aside from the occasional meal he has of fish, chicken and even more rare, pork – he only eats egg – scrambled eggs only. We could never run out of eggs. On my part, since I am finally serious with my weight loss, one of the constant ingredient of my meal is an egg.

Here are some of the things I learned about the wonders of an EGG – one that would be beneficial for a mom and housewife like me:

1. There are lots of uses for eggs aside from its culinary needs – pest control, soil fertilizer, in vaccine incubation, and in beauty products. I personally use egg whites as first aide for burns.

2. Eggs are the cheapest source of high quality protein, contains all essential amino acids, choline rich (a nutrient for the brain) and a good source of unsaturated fat. Eggs are also healthful for pregnancy as the nutrients help prevent congenital disabilities such as spina bifida. Moreover, eggs aid weight loss and maintenance, improve eyesight and promote healthier skin. So, yes – eating eggs are really healthy!

3. A regular medium size egg has 187 mg of cholesterol which is way below the recommended limit of 300mg per day. There are studies that show that eating 3 eggs a day are perfectly safe for a healthy person, given that they take less meat intake.

As a mom of a child who wants to eat eggs, almost always but worries that it is unsafe, I kind of relaxed a bit knowing that it is safe even for kids to eat an egg a day, as what was mentioned by nutritionist, Dra. Ailyn Del Rio.

4. Quail eggs has higher cholesterol content, if you eat excessively. But if it’s just 1-2 pieces, it’s okay.

5. Brown eggs and White eggs are all the same in terms of nutritional content. The only difference they have aside from their color as well as the type of chicken that laid them. Brown eggs are laid by bigger chicken with red earlobes while the white eggs are laid by smaller chicken with white earlobes.

6. The clearer the egg white is, the older it is. Fresh eggs has compact egg whites. Another way to know if an egg is fresh is when you put in in a glass of water. If it sink, it is fresh. If it floats, don’t eat it. It is unsafe.

7. The green discoloration in eggs, especially when we cook it hard boiled, is not a sign of spoilage but a sign that it is overcooked. It is Ferrous Sulfide, a chemical reaction during overcooking.

8. Store eggs inside its egg carton when you put it inside the refrigerator because an egg’s shell is porous, it may absorb what ever odor is it inside the ref. Store an egg with its pointed end on the bottom, so as not to destroy the yolk when you crack the egg. The air cell on top provides better protection of the yolk.

9. Don’t wash the egg before storing them because there is a natural bloom the surface of the shell that keeps air and bacteria from coming in, as it will keep the eggs fresh.

10. The best among the rest that I can relate to because I am dieting, it is best to eat a hard boiled egg an the morning, because you will fill full. Protein has the highest satiety value, that’s why!

If there’s one that I trust with eggs not since forever, but since I had my own family it is Bounty Fresh. Why? Because of its consistency and freshness, not to mention that fact that Bounty Fresh has been known for its high quality eggs.

So how does Bounty Fresh achieve high quality eggs? It starts with giving its hens the best care, comfort and proper nutrition. Thus, healthy and happy chickens, produces healthy eggs, which bring us to The Golden Yolk – better nutritional value, indicates the excellent health and immune status of the laying hens, signifies freshness and adds richness and color to culinary applications. The orangier the better.

Bounty Fresh also produce Specialty Eggs, aside from their Premium white eggs in Medium, Large and Jumbo sizes.

1. Omega-3 filled Specialty Eggs – protects the heart, decreases risk of cognitive disorder, decreases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and decreases ADHD.
2. Vitamin-E filled Specialty Eggs – defends against oxidation, reduce risks of heart decease and antioxidant effect in lungs
3. Organic Selenium filled Specialty Eggs – better absorbed in the body, support thyroid/immune function and prevents oxidative modification in cognitive disorders
4. Nutri-filled Specialty Eggs – are the first lay in the batch, contains all necessary nutrients formed in eggs.
5. Free-range and Cage free Specialty Eggs – are healthier because their chickens are happier as they are not caged, could run freely, has more sunlight exposure.

It is actually the first time I learned about these types of specialty eggs. It is so good to learn that there are eggs that we can eat that can fit to our needs.

As a mother of a 4 year old, I am now more confident and at ease in letting my son eat eggs – Bounty Fresh eggs! Even if he asks for this everyday, no fret, IT IS SAFE!

Meanwhile, this is what happened during the first ever World Egg Day that happened at Eastwood Mall.

Hosted by Bettina Carlos, Introduced Dra. Ailyn Mae Kuan-Del Rio to share some facts and trivias we need to know about EGGS – those are what I shared in the above paragraph!

Bounty Farms President, Mr. Edwin Cheng talked about how they produce healthy eggs, introduced to us The Golden Yolk.

Toasted for a Happy and Healthy life, through egg eating perhaps!

Chef-Mom Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi shared an easy to cook recipe that, of course, involved eggs – Frittatas (an Italian-inspired omelet) and we got to taste it as well!

Child wonders, The Voice Kids’ Nathan Bautista and the dance floor prince, Nhikzy Calma performed for the crowd with their awesomeness.

I also dropped by the game booths for a little giveaway and got our take homes – eggs of course!

For more information about Bounty Fresh Eggs’ World Egg Day initiative, hop on this post! Follow @BountyFreshEggs on Instagram and Like Bounty Fresh Eggs on Facebook.


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