What TVC Music should be Awarded as 2016 Song of the Year?

I’m a mom of a toddler who loves to sing and dance to the tunes of whatever he hears on TV, especially the catchy TVCs that we have. So here’s the top TVCs that Coco sings and dances to:

1. Check the Label of Nestle Nido Protectus 3+

2. Pag-3 Pataas of BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL 3+

3. BOOM BOOM POW of Downy Philippines

4. #BeatEnergyGap with James Reid of Nestle Milo

4 being the best, Coco’s current favorite, but for me it’s Boomboom pow or bonakid because Milo’s just came out.

What’s your little one’s favorite?


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