Movie: Waffle Street

It actually took me a long time before I decided to watch James Lafferty‘s film, Waffle Street because I still hasn’t moved on from One Tree Hill. I can’t imagine any OTH cast specifically James in any other roles. I can’t imagine James with not with Joy. It’s always Nathan and Haley. For me, they will always be Nathan or Haley or Brooke. But I finally had the courage to move forward and embrace the present. And im glad i watched this film. Because I actually see myself in Jim, his work, his passion.. No, I wasn’t a top finance manager and was fired from my job some point in my life. But I have the same passion he has, the same drive, upon realizing that he wants to own his own Papa’s Chicken and Waffles.

One day, after so many grueling hours of working double shifts at Papa’s and not getting the bid to own the diner, Jimmy accepted his father and grandfather’s offer to loan him money to buy his own Papa’s. He goes to the branch where Edward, the short-order cook he became friends with and asked him to work for and with him at his own diner. While they were talking, Edward questions him, about his intention in opening up a diner, was it his real line or love? he asked, “what do you love so much that you will do it for free?” Got me thinking… and the best part of that thought is the smile, I had after, because I know I’m already doing what I love. I was asked by my mom to work a couple of times and I didn’t last long enough to attend awarding ceremonies or team buildings or summer outings, not even build friendships. My husband also wants me to work after months when I have settled with giving birth and our baby was big enough to be left with someone. No, I didn’t even try to apply. I just strive so hard with my small business because to e I never wanted to work for someone, especially now that I have Coco. And this will always be the place where I want to be.

I’m glad I watched you again, James. I ll saw a bit of Nathan when you were with your wife, Becky. I kinda smiled when you asked Edward why he didn’t call you “Jimmy Jam” after you both talked, because that’s your Jamie, still #OTH in the end, and it will always be home ❤️

PS. Now I need to find a copy of this book!


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