Dubai, Please be good to my bestfriend

It’s been a roller coaster ride for my best friend Aimee and her family. I am so glad that through it all, I was with her, supporting and consoling her through the whole ordeal.

After everything, she finally got what she has been praying for.
The sad thing is, she will be based in Dubai for a year.

The truth is, I couldn’t even imagine life without you, one cab away, one text away, one call away. But it’s okay, I’ll still be by your side as you pursue your career dreams.

One last hug,kiss bonding for 2014…
I’ll see you again in 6-7 months…
I love you my best friend.
I’m gonna miss you so much!
Wala man tayo airport pic, pagsundo na lang!
One skype/FB Chat away muna tayo.

Here are our pictures from the last few weeks that we were together.


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