First Fever =(

Coco had his 2nd dosage of 5-in-1+rotavirus vaccine last Tuesday c/o my Tita (or his lola) Dra. Minette. He didn’t have fever during his first dose. Though he was matamlay nun and nag sinat for a day. This time, nagsinat sya for the next 2 days. I thought he was okay na yesterday. I had errands for Babypalooza next next weekend so I need to leave him for awhile. Ehhh.. when I got home, he was feverish already. He didn’t drink his milk (from the bottle) again. This happened for the 2nd time na – he wants to feed from me lang 😐
I know it’s part of growing up and all. Yes, I was worried because he is sick. Sino ba namang ina ang hindi magwoworry na ang anak may sakit diba? But I just calmed myself and tried my very best to soothe him from crying. Punas punas, massage from ate ruby, let him sweat, tempra, at last he fell asleep na and then placed Koolfever in his forehead.
But the most powerful medicine that made my baby feel better, is my hug.

When he woke up this morning, he was more energetic and happy though he still feels a little hot.
You’ll be better soon my little one. Mommy’s here, always.


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