Happy Third Month, our dear Marcus!

Another month has passed, and my little chuychuy has obviously grown bigger physically, also intellectually I supposed. Three months pa lang?! It’s like he’s been in my life for forever!

I could go on and on and on with the things that we did and you did Coco for the last month, I’d never finish it for sure. You could finally (maybe, clearly) see us! And because of that, when you used to be passive every time we talk to you, you now learned how to interact with us by also talking back when we’re talking to you. You are very madaldal baby. Your ninang Rissey taught you how to say “Hello!” and we really believe we heard you say “Hello!”. You also start to smile or give us a little laugh whenever we try to play with you. I am proud that I was able to witness the moment when you rolled over – halfway for the second time. Yes, it was your ninang Rissey who first saw you when you did that. But still, you did a repeat just for me. But then, you wouldn’t do it again. I also noticed how you stop making “pasikat” every time we have any of our gadgets pointed at you. You really don’t want us to capture any of your very cute and kulit antics, eh? You now know some of the uses of your feet – you can stand up firmly, assisted of course, as well as kick whenever you are swimming in your bath tub. And I am super thankful that I can easily put you to sleep, especially at night. I just turn the light switch off and you already know that it’s the cue for you to sleep.

I could go on and on and on. That’s the way it will go. So many stories to tell, but that’s just it for now.

Thank you ninang Cathy for dropping by and for bring me my 3rd month cake! These clothes are mommy and daddy’s gifts for you!

Coco my baby, we have a long way to go! I’ll make sure that you will receive all the love you will need. We will make you happy, always. We love you so much!


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