A Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my one & only favorite, idol, role model, fashion icon and inspiration – THE Anne Curtis.

She’s that girl who inspires me to be the best I can be, be confident in everything, share my heart with all, be happy&contented w/what I have, how to love, let go, move on and love again, and to live life to the fullest.

You are truly a blessed person.

I wish someday that I’ll be able to meet you AGAIN AND I wish that you’ll be legally my 2nd cousin-in-law. haha! so near the connection!

Why the heck did my old PC died, I wasn’t able to save a copy of my one and only picture with her during Hiram Days, when she was new in ABS-CBN and it was during ASAP Farewell of Hiram. She just finished crying then.

So here’s my one and only left picture of her with Luis during Qpids days. Parang promo ng movie niya ah? Which I can’t wait to watch next month!


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