My Birthday Boi

It’s the first time I ever celebrated Jhe’s birthday with him in 10 years. I remember going to his old house when he celebrated his 13th birthday. I remember making him cakes, or giving him gifts before, but really doing something for him and celebrating with him, I’ve never done it.

I’ve been thinking about it for the past weeks or even months, what to do, what to do.. Thank God – we found the perfect place – Central (Cathy introduced the place to us). So I was telling him that we’d invite all our friends and have this celebration – Party Party as we call it.

I gave my 6 part gifts a few days earlier – and boy he loved them all. Part of that 6 gifts is a picture frame where I wrote the poem I made for him. (It will be posted at the end of this post).

A few days before his birthday salubong, we were having second thoughts if we’re going to push through with it or not. But I insisted, what ever happens, we are going to celebrate your birthday.

So on the night itself, we geared up with our matching outfits – part of the 6 gifts – with our friends in our car and off we went to Central. It was a happy happy happy night (with dramas, of course). But this celebration wouldn’t be complete without our closest friends. So, to each and everyone of you who came to celebrate Jhe’s birthday with me, Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know how many buckets were finished, nor how many bottles of cocktails were consumed, one thing I know was marami kaming pinabagsak, yes, including me 😛

I wanted to give him these materials things, what I know that he wants to have – but I ended up not giving him those, coz I believe the party party was worth more than those material things, one that he’d always remember. One that also involves surprising him with a small cake.

As what he told me, aftermath, it’s the first time that he had something like that, and he was really surprised with the cake (first time too). I was telling him it wasn’t the cake I had in mind, I was short of time kasi with ordering this cute cake for him, so I ended with a red ribbon cake. He said it didn’t matter because he had the happiest night. I really cried when he was telling me those things, I felt really appreciated and fulfilled because my mission was accomplished.

I really love Angelo and I’d do anything for him. Thank God for all the blessings He has given to the both of us.

to my baby boy:

it’s amazing how i have you once again in my life
who i thought i’ll never have a chance with again.
thanks for being the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.
thanks for all the love you have given me.
thanks for your laughs that strengthens me.
thanks for your hand that holds mine when im scared.
thanks for the hugs that shows me you care.
thanks for the kisses that brighten up my day.
thanks for sticking with me, whatever they say.
thanks for being my first thought of the morning
and my last thought for the night.
you know, just thinking about US makes me happy.
happy happy 23rd birthday my baby.

i love you.
always & forever.
always have.
always will.
all ways.

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