Happy Thanksgiving!

Philippines may not have Thanksgiving Celebration, but I want to go with the flow with our American brothers and sisters. I’m also celebrating Thanksgiving this year. But I will be a day early! (:

1. First and foremost, I’d like to thank Bro for blessing me with today’s great big challenge. It’s my make or break for my venture initiation class. Sir Pax did set-up and operations check for my business. It didn’t just went well, it went GREAT! I was almost in tears while we were eating, but when Sir Pax, Gwen & Franz left, I cried for real na. It just meant that I’m almost done with VI class. It felt great, awhile ago, really. I haven’t slept for the last 5 days prior to my site visit and I was really, really nervous. But it was all worth it. It only means that I’m 3 and 35% kembot’s away till graduation. Loving it!

2. Uncle Chris arriving tomorrow after almost a year of not visiting and also, US gov’t granting Auntie Grace her US citizenship, thus, she comes home after 5 years! Our family couldn’t be happier this year. I’m sure I’ll see tears from lola when she sees them, especially with Auntie Grace. I can already imagine it! This Christmas will one of the best time this year for sure, and it will be one of the best Christmas since I don’t remember when.

3. For the guidance that Bro gave us during Ondoy days and the aftermath, for helping us get through it, physically, mentally and financially.

4. For my bountiful business, at least. Even if I haven’t met the quote that Sir Pax wants. At least I have a lot now. Hopefully, it will grow through the next few months.

5. For baby Ellana and baby Wynter yet to be born next month. Praying for a safe delivery for ate ruthie and ate grace and of course, healthy and beautiful little girls!

6. For my bestest best friends – Aimee, Kaloy, Kc, Seska, Kix, Deo, Mitch, Loraine, Jen, Karla, Maian, Karen, Inah, Pat, Roxanne, Kim and Julie/Angel. They’ve been my friends for the past 6-10 years and I couldn’t have made through life w/o them. despite of d absence of some, it doesn’t matter, as long as we know we still have each other’s back no matter what. Totoo yung saying na, you just miss your friends when you’re sad, because you are in your happiest when you’re with them. I love you girls and boy! And of course, my other good and close friends – old or new, thanks for being part of my life.

7. For my baby girls – Caitlyn, Cammie, Sam, Kim, Nicole, Sky, Wiwo, Mieke and my almost dalaga Sakki – for always brightening up my day with their calls, pictures, texts and stuff. I love you all!

8. For Anne Curtis and Blake Lively for being my role models, inspirations and fashion icons.

9. For the love I’m feeling inside, the deepest emotion in my body system that will forever be in my heart, that keeps on burning and keeps me stronger.

10. And lastly, I’m thankful for each and every waking day, for another beautiful day, for a bright future and yesterday’s challenge.

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