You may have find it weird, while everyone’s in the cemetery visiting their relatives. I, on the otherhand, just goes online and do my thang. It’s not that I don’t respect my relatives who died, it’s just that, I can actually pray for them here. And how can I even go to my lolo’s grave when my family is out somewhere. Eh it’s in Lipa eh.

The Filipino term “undas” which meant All Saint’s Day. If you look at the word UNDAS, and scramble the 2nd syllable, it will become “Un-Sad”. It just tells us that we shouldn’t be sad for our departed love ones. But be happy for them because they are now free of pain, with the Lord. For us Filipinos, every time this season comes, it only meant one thing, a reunion. Be it in the ancestral house or the cemetery. It is a celebration for the departed love ones, a showcase of love for them.

May the souls of the faithful departed throught the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Happy Holidays to my lolo ding, cousin cherry and my other relatives. (:

PS. I watched the Orphan yesterday, then G-Force, The Echo and Zombieland today. hehe.


  1. YAY! you're right, m's.Its a reunion. I miss Undas.Nasa Bicol kase lahat ng cousins ko eh. Kase nandun si Lolo. haha.I miss him… :)Nag-movie marathon ka ha! HAHAH


  2. yep munch!!! movie marathon it is!! hehehehe!!! ako naman munch, hiwahiwalay.. nasa states yung iba.. ayun… i haven't been to bicol. did you know that my province is bicol too?


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