Last friday, after my class I went to OSA because I need the letter from Sir Bong. But Sir Bong was so busy so he asked me to wait for him. Sir Bobby was there, so I spoke to him about “the idea”. During that time Carlos’ parents went to school, his mom spoke to Sir Bong while his dad just sit there– listening from the talk that Sir Bobby and I were having. A little while later, Sir Ed and Sir Bobby left to play pingpong. So I was left with Sir Carlos’ dad. He spoke to me about me.

I told him na I don’t play sports coz I don’t like competing with other people. He told me that I shouldn’t be like that dapat daw ma-sports daw ako, coz it basically mirrors what life is. If marunong daw ako mag handle ng isang competition or a game, what more sa life.

Then, he asked me to write down in a piece of paper the answers to his question –“what do you want?” for three minutes.  Here’s what I wrote:

1. to graduate
2. to have a successful business
3. to go around the country
4. to talk to my papa
5. to go around the world
6. a new laptop
7. to buy my new digicam (lapit na!)
8. to go shopping

Sabi sakin, 8 lang nasulat ko? Supposedly 17 ang sagot ko. Supposedly din, ang pinaka minimun na masulat ko is 12. So, I clearly don’t know what I wanted. Or pwede ding hindi naman kasi talaga ako maluho eh. I’m a person who could be contented in whatever comes my way, what I can afford. It could be a positive- because di nga ako maluho or a negative na parang hanggang dun na lang ako? Siguro, di pa lang talaga ako nakakapag-isip isip sa life ano? Kaya ganyan pa lang sagot ko.

So sabi din sakin ni Mr. Palma, dapat daw meron ang “Dream Board”. Actually, meron naman ako dati eh. Yun nga lang.. ahihihihi.. Lahat daw ng gusto ko ilagay ko dun, ultimo daw yung klase ng boyfriend na gusto ko. Kamote, pano nun nalaman na iniintay ko pa rin siya? Sabi ko nga, pwede bang ilagay ko lang yung picture “niya” sabi niya, wala naman ganun, yung nasa kanya lahat. hahahaha. Kaloka. Sakin kasi meron eh, nasa kanya na lahat. LOL. Chaka dapat daw may time limit ang bawat “goal, dream.. etc” ko na dapat sa itong certain time na ito, ma-achieve ko na, manili ko na, makuha ko na. Parang mahirap yung pag yung certain “siya” na ang usapan ah. hahahaha. Kasi wala namang siya eh! Ang hirap nun ah,

And and pinaka secret to achieve my goals, dreams, etc is to be energized. Dapat daw puro good vibes ako. And some coincidences that will come our way, very important yung mga yun. Like you’ll meet someone randomly, yun pala yun yung matagal mo ng hinahanap na kailangan mo. Kwento ko nga sa kanya na parang nun isang araw, randomly ako nasa Galleria, di ko alam bat ako nandun, pag uwi ko, meron na ko idea.

Kapag daw may kaaway ako, lagi ko daw iisipin kung ano yung mga good sa taong yun. It creates good vibes din kasi. And lastly, always SMILE! It truly helps! You’ll never know, you’re just a step ahead from your goal diba?

And just like that random talk with Mr. Palma, just what I needed the most, someone who’ll encourage me when the world sucks! haha! Thanks Sir, its a pleasure meeting you! 🙂

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