i love it when it is raining..

…coz like awhile ago, while i was walking, crossing the highway, no one saw that i was already crying. I was able to cry so hard without anyone bothering me. I was able to let it out. Masakit na masakit. Pero ang sarap i-iyak. Habit ko na ata ang umiiyak araw araw. Eh araw arawin ba naman kasi ang mga sakit eh, pano ba naman ako hindi iiyak?

“Do you know what happens when you hurt people? They begin to love you less and eventually, they may begin to forget that they loved you once.” I just hope that this time would not come, when I’ll be really manhid na and not feel anything anymore and the love won’t be there anymore….

*PS. Nakablog na ko ng something similar to this rain+crying before. But I just want to repeat it ulit coz that’s what I feel today.

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