In N Out Love

Rating: ★★★★★
Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: American
Location: US of A

Shuuuuuuuuuuuxxx!!!! When Maian was here in Pinas and I was chatting with her boyfriend, James, he was making inggit sakin na when Mai goes back there, they’ll eat in In N Out. Super inggit ako nun. I just wanna eat those burgers and friessssss. dayyym. I’ve been craving these for the past 2 years daym. can someone send these to me now na!!!!! I just wanna go back to cali na to grab those burgers and friessssssssss.

oh well. my craving could wait. i just have to graduate first. mas important ito. daym. and uh.. pero how could this happen if sabog sabog ako sobraaaaaaa. i hate myself now. ang dami ko cuts super. quizzes missed. ngayon nga lang cut ako ulit. nakakaiyaaaaaak. i just want to put myself back na. siguro after graduation, i’ll be okay na ulit. maybe i’m just preoccupied with this. hay.

Mai and James thanks for the picture huh. Ininggit niyo ako lalo. alam kong para sa akin yan. hahahahahaa!!!!! Nabusog na din ako kahit picture lang! pagpunta ko jan, shiet, ililibre nio talaga ako niyan!!!

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