Today’s the 9th. I was thinking awhile ago if there were some light. Parang wala kasi, then I realized that this afternoon, while i was locked out of my own house:

1) I was able to think of a new brandname. Though I’m not yet sure of it, but I was able to do so. It suddenly popped to my mind and I wasn’t even thinking about it.

2) I also felt a little hopeless already. It seems like giving up is the next best choice. But then its still not what I wanted. Maybe, I’m still not ready for that stage. But I really admit, that I really feel that way today. I was thinking, maybe, that’s the answer to my question.

I feel awful now. I feel like I just drunk a bottle of Granma when in fact I did not. I fee like I am burping Granma now. I feel like puking even if i’m really not. Just so weird.

I don’t care anymore. It’s just too much. It’s bleeding already. I’m not happy with what’s happening anymore. Don’t pretend that you care, if you weren’t even there.

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