Ang sad din noh, that people you trust, walang faith sayo.

Na kaya mo.

Masakit lang yung ganun. Walang tiwala sayo. When you are in the peak of that trust you have for yourself. Alam niyo yung time na tiwalang tiwala ka sa sarili mo na magagawa mo ang lahat, dun pa sayo ipaparamdam na wala, di mo kaya yan, mali yan, mag give up ka na.

Sakit lang nun, it’s from the people you trust.

Sabi nga ni Pam kahapon, “In love, it is good to listen to friends’ advices and judgment for they fill in the blindness we refuse to see…its good to decide when all ideas come in hand for it leads us to right decisions… but you know what? It’s still best to listen, follow and decide with your own heart and judgment… keep this in mind: the love of individuals can only be felt by the heart that beats, not the eyes of others, so when loving, learn to listen, but decided on my own… after all, you know what can make you happy”

It just doesn’t apply to love. It applies to everything and anything… nalungkot ako kanina kasi sinabihan akong “feeling ko hindi mag click yung business mo” Nakakatamaaaaaaaaaaa. Pero me authority kasi yung nag sabi sa akin eh. Sakit lang nun, nadidiscourage ka niya. Kahit na yung puso ko pa naman, GO GO GO! Okie lang, tutulungan naman ako, I hope. Titingnan naman daw niya, kung san ako titirahin ng panel ko. Dun ko aayusin.

TWO Gadaaaaaaam DISCOURAGEMENTS received yesterday AND today from the same people. Two very IMPORTANT ASPECT in MY LIFE — love and life..

Pero despite of those discouragements, THE HELL! Wala akong pakialam. Kaysa naman magsisi ako sa huli na wala akong ginawa at nakinig ako sa mga discouragements na yan. You know, it’s my life. I won’t let anyone drive it. I am the driver of my life and I know where I am going. Masaktan man ako, okay lang, at least I was able to do my part and I will learn from it.

And I am not giving up until The Heavens says so, until yun ang nararamdaman kong kailangan ko ng gawin, kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila.

Darating talaga sa life ng isang tao na merong magdidiscourage sa kanya. But you know what, those discouragements are what wil make me stronger, for sure.

Don’t worry about me I’m fine… – Ne-yo mode. hahaha.

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