Hello 2008!

I can’t seem to find the right words to express what i’m feeling lately. It’s just soooooo ewan. I don’t even have the mood to blog. I don’t even know what to write about. It’s so weird of me not having my ‘tradition’ of writing about ‘the year that was’ in Sir Joel’s term. As much as I want to write something I can’t really decipher what.

I want to talk about everything that happened to me in 2007, everything I learned, all my feelings, emotions, the challenges that i’ve gone through and my proudest moments. But wala talaga yung ‘spirit’ to do so. Di ko alam kung bakit ako ganto. I’m so lazy to write nowadays. Since I came back from my Xiamen trip, i’ve been thinking on what i could write about as my first post in the year of the rat. Ang labo kasi wala talaga akong maisip. Hindi ata ako inspired enough. haha. But I’m trying to write one now. =P

All I know is that my 2007 is like a rollercoaster ride of feelings, yung nakamamatay. haha.

So much emotions.


(parang maging sino ka man lang. haha)

What the highs and lows of my year?
– EO
– Shifting to Entrep
– Teenpreneur
– Dragon Camp
– Kim & SKy
– Gretz going to UK
– new found close friends
– i got so emo
– i felt alone
– i felt kulang
– detached
– stressed
– depressed
– waited
– wished
– hoped
– loved

Not much on my WANDERLUST mode this year. I hope this yeah wanderlust na ulit. hehehe.

This year isn’t as happy as last year’s, coz mas maraming beses ako umiyak this year eh. Pero hindi ako umiyak dahil heartbroken ako. Dahil sa ibang aspect. Mashado akong nasaktan ngayong taon. Sana yung nagpaiyak sa akin, patigilin na ang pag iyak ng puso ko. Sana, MAG-EFFORT ka naman.

Sana yung winiwish ko.. yung matagal ko ng winiwish,, makamtan ko na this year. Siguro naman i deserve it na. Sana lang sana.

Happy New Year to ALL.

Happy New You!

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