365 Days with You

This is for YOU:

Keeping myself from falling
When time keeps on stopping
It’s YOU, my world’s revolving
365 days and counting…

It’s your SMILE that my mind won’t erase
It’s your presence and your face
It’s the Falling Hearts; It’s the SMILEY
It’s YOU! who makes me CRAZY

Every gesture that we’re making
They say, “It’s the beginning!”
But this Beginning is never-ending
When will be its following

It’s YOU who started it all
It’s YOU who made me fall
It’s YOU who put light in my life that’s dark
It’s YOU who couldn’t see the SPARK

I couldn’t say NO to whatever you say
I couldn’t resist, come what may
Just THAT question, I couldn’t wait less
When will I give YOU that most precious YES

Hoping YOU’ll be my happily ever after
Hoping that you’ll realized sooner
That we’re meant to be together
365 days and forever

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