Oktober Fest


Gaux is a good person to know” – Sir Ed Silva.

I went to my accounting review class after my last class for the day today. I/We have a new classmate, she just enrolled in school, obviously she’s new, so she doesn’t know anyone. While we were doing exercises awhile ago, sir ed mentioned that to the new student. Sobrang na-touch ako. hehe. Wala lang. I just felt good with what sir ed said. It’s really flattering. haha. Wala lang, minsan lang kasi ako masabihan ng ganun, yun bang serious talaga and to think that it came from a ‘credible’ person (if that’s what you call it) ah basta someone you could really trust. 🙂 anyway, that really made my day.

Tagal ko pala di nagblog ano. I’m so busy kasi eh, preparing for Eo weekends. And finally, for me, it’s over. I spent my last two weekends in Eo. It’s super fun but tiring. I was also angel to my orange team in batch 5 and red team in batch 6. I hope you guys learned a lot from this experience as much as i learned when I experienced Eo. I’m so proud of you guys for not giving up and for doing your best-cheers to red team for winning first place (even if Pink was announced the winner, if it weren’t for the forgotten demerits, then you guys really won). Pinataba niyo ako! hahahaha!!! Sarap ng luto ni toni and noel eh. haha. 🙂

I’ll miss that place even if dun nawala yung fone ko. haha. Nasanay na kasi ako going there eh. haha. Anyway, There’s still batch 7 this weekend. Too bad, i won’t be able to come na. 😦

So, back to reality na talaga ako. School-School-School. oops. Teenpreneur pa pala. Di pa pala tapos. Baka nagkakalimutan! hehe. x-)

It’s October na! Woot Woot!!! Ang bilis ng panahon grabe. Parang kailan lang.. july? hehe. Oktober Fest na! 🙂

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