The Wanderer

If there’s such thing you call as “One Great Love”, I have it with Traveling. I started wandering at such a young age. My mom would always bring me out-of-town and out of the country. But it’s not until I was in college when I realized the impact it has in my life.

I have this itch to explore and escape, learn, discover and experience life at its fullest, to be immersed in a certain culture, to actually live in a different world. I want to challenge myself in ways I never did before. Traveling is life changing. It also brings back memories as you make new ones, that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how near or far the destination is, how short or long the duration, if I’m alone or with a group, what matters is the fulfillment I get when I please myself with this very expensive lust.

Goal in my lifetime: Satisfy my Wanderlust; immerse myself in all the 80 provinces and hop on every island in the Philippines and conquer the whole world, one continent at a time.

You only live once, you have to make most of your life, Tu me comprends?

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