IM LEARNING – The Channel for Kids Who Love to Learn

Whether or not it is good for our children, one way or another, even as little babies, they were exposed to watching kiddie videos in Youtube such as Little Baby Bum or ChuChuTV. Because honestly, why not right? One way or another, our babies can learn from it and I can attest to that. It is just a matter of moderation. Fast forward to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic when everything seems to be a blur, including school shutdown, our children had to face their gadgets. If you knew from way back, I prohibited its use for most of Coco’s life, and I just had him use his Ipad with limits right before he started Grade 1. One year in this pandemic and 7 months of modular and online learning later, he now knows Zoom better than me. These days it is just the matter of discipline, moderation and the right kind of channels to watch and apps to use.
IM Learning
, an educational Youtube channel that was specifically produced during these season, deeply understand the difficulties faced by kids displaced from schools due to COVID-19. Parents and kids have had to adapt to the unique challenges of the pandemic, quickly adjusting from traditional schooling to home learning in just a year. These transitions can be hard on a lot of us and especially daunting for parents who aren’t used to home schooling.
Technology has given IM Learning the opportunity to help parents all over the world! Their channels on YouTube and Facebook have lessons to help kids learn better and more. We appreciate the efforts all our kids’ teachers have made to make lessons available online through digital classrooms, but we know that things like spotty connections, noisy household environments, and limited devices can get in the way. That’s why IM Learning has dedicated itself to producing high-quality kids’ content for children who love to learn. Best of all, our videos are free to access for all learners!
IM Learning invites you and your family to enjoy educational screen time with IM Learning’s lessons in Math, Science, Values, Arts, and English. Kids and adults can learn together with their video hosts Learning Leo and Learning Lisa as they explore different topics in primary education. 

Check out the IM Learning Facebook Page and IM Learning YouTube channel to watch their fun and awesome videos! Incorporate IM Learning as supplemental materials for your children’s education and watch out for their new and upcoming episodes!

PS. Hello to my sister, Learning Lisa and Learning Leo, also a good friend of ours! 😀



  1. Dapat ganito yung mga content sa YT hindi ung puro prank. Sa totoo lang ayaw ko na pahawin ng phone ang anak ko to watch YT kasi kung ano ano natututunan but thanks to you, meron ako bagong maidagdag sa mga learning videos na pwede nya panoorin.


  2. We can’t stop kids from learning on how to use gadgets. The main solution is to guide them. So that matuturo natin kung ano yung hindi maganda sa development ng bata at sa helpful sa bata.


  3. I love these kinds of shows and content…if people can make useless shows, why not make useful and better ones that teach them not only secular knowledge but good morals too. Thanks for sharing this!


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