Little Girls Learn About their Privates with the New Children’s Book, “Ako ay May Kiki”

Due to the critically-acclaimed success of “Ako ay may Titi” by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz, a lot of girl moms has been asking for the counterpart. Written by Glenda Oris with illustrations by Beth Parrocha, Lampara Books has now published “Ako ay may Kiki“.
akoaymaykiki (2)

This book talks about an important part of a girl’s body, which is her vagina, and it is about a 5-year old girl who tells a story about how she takes good care of it, what to wear, and how to act and move properly as a little lady. Basically it is hygiene habits, which can help prevent illness like UTI and most importantly how they can prevent themselves from child abuse.
akoaymaykiki (4)

A lot of parents when cringe at the title, I know a lot! But reality speaking, it is what it is. We may not be at ease but as I’ve said from the other blog, it is how we parents communicate this story to our girls (or boys).
akoaymaykiki (1)

A lot of you may ask me why did I even get a copy of the book when I don’t even have a daughter. You know why? Simply because I have a son. I have a son who is almost at the age when children start to be curious. Since I’ve already opened up a little about his own private part through “Ako ay may Titi”, why not introduce to him the counterpart as well? This is in a way can teach him how to respect girls, when the time comes na medyo may “isip” na siya. At least I know, hindi ako nagkulang.
akoaymaykiki (3)

For a boymom like me, this book is highly recommended. Make sure to grab a copy and just go with the flow when curious minds arise. Don’t dilly dally, hesitate and be ashamed. The book is best for children five years old and above. You can buy “Ako ay May Kiki” for only Php100 via Shopee.

You can get Ako ay May Titi when you click this link.

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  1. sa panahon ngayon magandang ieducate natin ang mga anak ntin tungkol sa private part nila just so they know that it should be protected and to avoid physical abuse.


  2. As a kid, I was really afraid of talking about gender sensitive topics. I only learned to be open minded on similar discussions when I was 16. That’s why we have to change the stigma and start it by educating the youth.


  3. how i wish books like this were available back then. i probably would’ve avoided the awkward “talk” with my lola and gave us a middle ground. the kids today are so lucky. so many options and information available


  4. how i wish books like this were available back then. i probably would’ve avoided the awkward “talk” with my lola and gave us a middle ground. the kids today are so lucky. so many options and information available


  5. Napakainteresting naman ng book na ito. Nag-iisip ako ng ireregalo sa mga maliliit kong pinsan and mga inaanaks, parang okay ang book na ito at yung counterpart niya


  6. Good thing they released the girl version too! 🙂 If I had a nephew or niece I’d definitely buy this for them. I think it would be great to start them kids early 🙂


  7. I love these self-awareness book. I have not gotten these yet but I have incorporated English, Filipino and Ilonggo terms to my daughter already. Sugarcoating real words may one way or another put our kids at risk.


  8. I really love these books from Lampara Books. I guess it’s high time that we remove the stigma when it comes to discussions about body parts, especially those concerning one’s privates.


  9. I grew up to a very conservative family. This is a new perspective of upbringing children as I was not raised like this but I have to say that your post is also an eye-opener for me. Thank you for sharing this. I will revisit your blog when my child gets into this age. 🙂


  10. This is definitely a great read for the kids! seems like a friendly way to introduce the where do babies come from question rin without making things too akward hahaha! I have another book to suggest for you though, yung alpabeto ng kalikasan which is a great way to introduce kids to our native writing style which is baybayin 🙂


  11. I love that they made a counterpart for the previous book. The title in itself is catchy enough for the parents to buy it and read it because it is really one big elephant in children’s education and this is really one great medium to start talking about it.


  12. This is a cute children’s book. Next will be a children’s book about kids who are into transition of genders, that will be cool!


  13. This is interesting. At a young age, dapat matutunan na ng mga kids nga ganyang bagay. Ang ganda din ng illustrations and affordable sya 🙂


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