Did Mulan (2020) bring dishonor to us all?

So much has been written by a lot of movie critics, bloggers and just anyone who have seen Mulan live action film. There is a great number of people who didn’t like this version and felt that it brought dishonor to us all and most especially, the 1998 animated Mulan.
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (4)
But to me, it may be quite different from the original film, or it may have disappointed me because I didn’t hear Reflectionin” the film. There was two things that got me.
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (5)
Our brave, resilient and self-reliant warrior, Hua Mulan, despite of her dishonesty to the Imperial Army, disguised as a man and served the Emperor’s Army because she couldn’t stand that his father in his old age will fight in the war. It is the virtue, Devotion to Family, that was given to Mulan by the Emperor towards the end of the film, that hit me. It is truly her love for her family that drove her to do the things that she did. I know you get me, how we would do anything for our family, right?
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (1)
We should also remember the virtues that is written in her father’s sword, which was also the virtues that was instilled to them while they were training – Loyal, Brave and True. We remember Mulan was taken a back when she was doing the oath prior to the war. Because she knows she isn’t true to herself and since she isn’t true to herself, she is holding herself back.
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (2)
Along the way, she encounters the new character, Xian Lang, the same as Mulan, she has strong Chi, but was never accepted by her family, her village and her country. She is a witch and serves Bori Khan, the leader of the Rouran army who wants to take over the Imperial Palace.
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (8)
They had a mini duel and Xian Lang hit her. She tells her how by being untrue to herself, weakens her and that she will die pretending to be something she is not.
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (6)
Mulan rises up and finally decides to become true to herself and show everyone what she can do. As we all know, she was the one who defeated the enemy and saved the dynasty.
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (3)
Because it is only when we are true to ourselves, we will be able to give our all and give ourselves more. Success is inevitable. Don’t pretend to be someone else, so show your reflection, who you are in side…..
MULAN 2020 Disney Live Action (7)
Be a warrior like Mulan, and rise up like a Phoenix!

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  1. The hype of Mulan has making me giggly ever since it was announced that Disney is going to make a live action film tas nung lumabas na trailer, it excites me more even knowing that it’s going to be a way more serious story of Hua Mulan. Natatakot ako basahin baka may spoiler hahaha pero I’m looking forward on watching it tonight after reading about this new character Xian Lang. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed watching it! I didn’t actually expect the story to be similar to the animated one, of course, they will make some change to make it more realistic! regardless of other people’s reviews, I still a big fan of Disney movies! I would rather watch remake Disney movies than spending my time watching Korean dramas which are overrated sometimes…


  3. I am looking forward to watching this movie. Even if I haven’t watched it yet. I echo the same sentiments. I think the movie stayed true in portraying the kind of values Mulan wants to impart.


  4. Awesome review! I’ve yet to watch this film. I’m seeing mixed reviews everywhere!! I need to find time to watch it to see for myself ^_^


  5. Honetly, the animated film is WAY BETTER. Hindi ko masyadong na-enjoy yung fight scene to save the emperor. Masyado ring madaming times yung akala mo downfall niya na sooo hindi talaga masyadong na-establish yung climax. :((


  6. I haven’t watches the movie yet because of all of the bad reviews and controversies that surrounds it. But reading this makes me think otherwise. Maybe we can judge it on it’s own right? The original will still be my fave tho. Hahaha


  7. I haven’t watched the movie yet because of all of the bad reviews and controversies that surrounds it. But reading this makes me think otherwise. Maybe we can judge it on it’s own right? The original will still be my fave tho. Hahaha


  8. The modern adaptation of Mulan is very timely in our modern society. In real life isn’t about enjoying fantasy, but a harsh reality. I like how they made this movie, emphasizing the Father-Daughter strong bond, strong family ties, being true to herself, and being brave and value honor wherever she goes.


  9. This MOVIE is FANTASTIC!!! From the cast, plot and flow of events grabe sa galing! I’ll definitely watch it the nth times.🥰


  10. Ohh I didn’t know they released a live action film version of Mulan. Not really a big Disney fan, pero Mulan is one of those Disney films that I like. Will watch this and see the difference from the animated film. Too bad they didn’t play Reflection in the movie?


  11. My friend watched this and he really hated it not only because of the protagonist but also because of how the movie removed important parts in the real Mulan film. Although that is the case, I enjoyed reading this review. You looked at it from a positive perspective


  12. I haven’t watched the new live action of Mulan yet but I guess it’s worth a shot. Maybe they deviated a bit and probably because they are trying to put a little twist here and there? As long as Mulan is portrayed as a strong female character who doesn’t need any man, im in!


  13. Wow. I too have read mixed reviews about the movie. But I guess you can never truly judge until you’ve watched it yourself right? Well regardless, I still think Mulan, whatever way it will be portrayed is a real inspiring story to begin with.


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