#SafeHomeWithJoy Antibac Dish Washing Liquid. Find out why!

These days, we are reminded of a lot of safety protocols and reminders on how we could protect ourselves from the virus. But as much as we should take care of ourselves, it is also important that we have a clean and safe home as well. Here I am now.. disinfecting one of the dirtiest thing in the world – a door knob.
Here comes the amazing discovery that I found from the news! It is said that common household cleaners can be effectively used as Covid19 disinfectant, and it was proven by a research made by Japan NITE! And Joy Antibac Dish Washing Liquid is an example that has the verified ingredient. It means that it can be used as an all-around disinfecting solution for the safety and protection of our household.

The lab studies conducted by Japan METI/NITE has proven that some cleaning actives, which is also known as surfactants, when used at the right levels can be effective against Covid19 and that there is a significant decrease in the virus count on items that are exposed to a surfactant to 0.05-0.2% for twenty seconds to 5 minutes.
How to do it? Mix a 1 teaspoon of dish washing liquid to a 500ml water. Wipe the surface or the item with a cloth that is soaked from the solution. Wipe firmly in one direction to prevent the spread of dirt and virus. Leave for 5 minutes and wipe off the soap solution with cloth soaked in water. Dry with another clean cloth.

Diba? Winner lang, I suddenly remembered the time na running low and stocks ng alcohol sa grocery eh, ayun lang pala pwede naman pala tayong gumamit ng Joy Antibac na, mostly readily available na sa ating kitchen. Nasa harap lang pala natin, di lang natin alam! BUT NOW WE KNOW!2020_0817_01330600-01[1]

Disclaimer: Dish washing detergents are not originally made for this, BUT according to Japan NITE, we can use them to disinfect.

For more information about this research findings, drop by this link.


  1. Reading this, I am all the more convinced to add this to my grocery list! These days, we have to be very vigilant and careful as virus can be everywhere. I am glad Joy was able to formulate something like that!


  2. The name of the product itself really inspires confidence in using it for cleaning surfaces! I feel like this one also smells better than 80% of the available alcohol brands out there! Joy products are really good.


  3. Joy Antibac ang gamit namin sa bahay buti na lang nabasa ko ito at pwede din pala siya pandisinfect. Sabihin ko ito sa mama ko para kapag naglilinis kami ng bahay gamitin namin.


  4. Having a clean and safe home is really important. We also use Joy Antibac Dish Washing Liquid at home, and it’s good to know na it can be effectively used as Covid19 disinfectant pala!


  5. I use Joy Anti-bac as well and I couldn’t agree more that it does not just effective cleaning, it also gives confidence and comfort among the fam. All varieties of Joy is good, we haven’t tried other brands since we switched.


  6. This Joy Antibac Dishwashing Liquid is what my mom and dad actually use. I cannot believe it can actually be used as a COVID-19 disinfectant. Thank you for this informative post. I now have something to try and do tomorrow. Lol! Hahaha!


  7. Yas! At this time, it’s important to be safe than sorry!!! Always good to take extra precautionary measures to ensure the cleanliness of surfaces. I love that Joy can double as a dishwashing liquid and as a disinfectant ❤


  8. I didn’t know this could used as disinfectant as well. Though Joy user din kami. Iba kasi talaga sya as compared with other brands,kahit idilute pa.


  9. I love Joy! I enjoy washing dishes kasi pero may time na hindi Joy yung nabili – tapos maffeel ko talaga yung difference! Hahaha! Glad to know they can be used as disinfectant! 🙂


  10. Joy’s antibac variant is my personal favorite and I also use it to disinfect surfaces, especially in our kitchen area where we prepare our food orders. I don’t like the smell of Zonrox kasi and tipid na din since I only need 1 product na lang 🙂


  11. Finally! I tipid hack for the family during this pandemic and quarantine. It is actually very important to save right now since a lot of people are losing jobs. This will be a great help for those who want a disinfected house.


  12. I’m a bit surprised seeing a dishwashing liquid that is being used as disinfectant sa bahay 😀 Pero sa bahay namin, talagang Joy yung brand namin eh. Simula bata pa ako, ganon na talaga kasi yun favorite ni mama na brand. And now that I’m living alone na, nadala ko narin.


  13. Everyone is becoming a neat and germ freak nowadays. I don’t blame anyone though kasi nakakatakot nga naman ang COVID-19 ngayon. While there is no cure, it’s important to do preventative measures such as keeping our homes clean! Thank you for this helpful tip kasi magasto din ang bili ng bili ng mga kung ano anong products, when in fact you could just make your own with Joy Antibac!


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