WANDERing for FOOD? Head over to Robinson’s Galleria’s Veranda!

Hey you all been wandering for where to eat with your family next? Have you dropped by the Veranda – at the 2nd and 3rd floor of Robinson’s Galleria?
I’m surprised of the wide range of restaurants it now has. I never knew they opened a lot… like literally a lot! Like I know it has been there for a while now. But you’ll be surprised that it is so much more than you could think of.

portion of Veranda (2nd Level)

There’s really many food choices from different cuisines that you can choose from different cuisines that you can choose from – Chili’s, Yabu, Famous Amos, Black Scoop Cafe, Bird House, Crisostomo, Macao Imperial Tea, Pho Hoa, Mesa and Peri-Peri to name a few.

portion of Veranda (3rd level)
portion of Veranda (3rd level)

At the 4th level, you’ll find Popeye’s, Burger King, Potato Corner, Pancake House, Max’s, Greenwich Pizza, KFC, Cold Stone Creamery, Starbucks, Big Chill and Mad Mark’s Creamery – which if you notice are more kid-friendly because we have Robinsons Movie World, Toys R Us, Kidzoona and Playlab on that level – which makes it the most family oriented level.

portion of the 4th level
Playlab and Kidzoona

Galle is so familiar to me, like I’ve witness how it evolved through the last 3 decades. It was so different today, but it will always be home to me. It’s so good to have new choices to bring my family to if we are in Robinson’s Galleria.



  1. Wow!!! So glad they kept up with the changes! I’ve seen Galle evolved through the years too! Although i don’t frequent the mall anymore. Looks like mas masarap na mag food trip ngayon dito! 🙂

    – Hazel | https://hazywanders.com/


  2. Malayo sa Cavite yung Robinson’s Galleria. I wish magkaroon din sa Robinson’s Tagaytay so I can visit.


  3. Never been in this part of the mall yet. Since this always our rendezvous point with my friends in NCR (since I am based in Clark), I would try this section, I am excited to try the food kiosks/stalls there.


  4. My mom worked near there for years so Rob Galleria was always familliar to me. I haven’t been there in a while and it looks like there are more shops. Great panorama shots btw! Wish i could visit again soon.


  5. Ang tagal tagal ko ng hindi nakakapunta ng Galleria. I used to be there all the time. Then boyfriend, now hubby, used to live at the condo at the back of Galleria:-). Now it looks so different.


  6. Ang tagal ko na hindi nakapunta dito and talagang ang laki na din ng pinagbago. Marami na din bagong restaurants and shops. I love how you did the panorama shots, mas tipid sa photos.


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