Mind over Heart?

I’m had a hard time sleeping last night. I was in bed so early. I was able to sleep for an hour or so. When I woke up at around 2am, I can’t find my way back to dreamland.

It kept me thinking..

Is there such a thing as “sabi ng utak, mahal na mahal na mahal mo ang isang tao” pero “sabi naman ng puso mo, steady lang, not that much, love mo pero hindi todo

I’m wondering, is that even good? better? If ever the other person hurts you (again) *knock on wood*, you won’t get hurt that much? Unlike, if si Heart yung todong nagmamahal?

Would the pain be different if the mind loves more than the heart?



  1. yeah there is.. un nga ung mind over heart dba?! though mas maraming heart over mind na tao..pero ang mind over heart..e un ung mga smart people who knows how to limit their emotion and knows that by doing that, love won't really hurt them as much as when the Heart loves the person. lols


  2. siguro nga iba pang si mind. at least rational ung thinking, hindi blinded ung person. hindi naman siguro sa hindi mashado mahuhurt ung person pag may bad na nagyari,siguro alam na lang niya when to stop. Unlike pag si heart ang papairalin, laging magre-reason out, ipagtatangol ung love, ide-deny ung mali kahet nasa harap na. pero, siyempre, the best lage pag pareho ung ginamet. =D mas masarap mag-love pag alam mo pati nadadama mo na siya na si the one. eeeh. gusto ko un. hayers. ngayon lang nag-sink in. nape-pressure na din ako. =))


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