♫ Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo..♪

Last Song Syndrome much? I think until next week I will be singing this song. Who cares right? It’s such a beautiful song that promotes peace and love for the Philippines.

You know, I’m new to this thing. Politics. Government. I used to don’t care of what’s happening around me. I used to just let it be, whatever is happening. But since tonight’s Pnoy Power Concert lead by APO for Senator Noynoy Aquino and Senator Mar Roxas, it dawned on me, how much this country means to me and how much change is badly needed in this country.

And it will only happen if we start to move our butts. It will happen if you will help start it. And that’s what I did. Randomly read Sir Jim Paredes‘ tweet about volunteering for the concert and I didn’t miss the opportunity. I instantly contacted the coordinator.

It was raining hard this afternoon, I feared it would ruin everything. But God is on our side, by the time registration started, rain called hault! I was an usher in the inside entrance of the UP theatre with Liya and LJ plus 2 other kuyas in red and 2 professional guards. It was a pretty tiring job, standing the whole afternoon, the whole night (until the concert started)there at the lobby but hey! anything for change, i’ll do anything! I know in the end it will be worth it.

Here’s the gist, it was a free concert. You don’t have to pay anything, but it would be appreciated if you donate in any amount. You are asked to register because going to the concert is not the end of this people power. Because when campaign period comes, help will be needed from everyone.

Senator Noynoy arrived. He was greeted by a standing ovation from the people inside the theatre. People chanting “Noynoy! Noynoy!” even little kids screaming their hearts out for change. It is good that even if the kids there don’t really understand what is happening, in a way they are already exposed to this, when they grow up they would surely ask about this and then understand it and at least they would be living in a happier Philippines by then. Because when they were smaller, they made a step for change. I can’t even imagine how Senator Noynoy and Senator Mar were feeling awhile ago. I, myself was feeling overly overwhelmed, even something beyond that. They gladly smiled for photo op with a few lucky ones including me. While media men were interviewing them I was looking at the whole place, looking at the people with full of spirit and hopeful faces. They were chanting while doing the L sign.

Then the concert began. It’s my very first time (that I remember) to watch APO on stage. Grabe! They’re simply the best, the legend! I’m so glad that this time, I was able to have a picture with them, si Sir Buboy lang wala. A few weeks ago, I saw Sir Buboy and Sir Danny and their family eating at Circles and I wasn’t able to take a picture with them. Magkatabi pa tables namin ah. The other performers were amazing as well. Juana Change is the funniest and most straightforward person ever! It’s the first time that I heard Noel Cabangon’s song, I’ve never attended any concert with pride in my heart. The concert was simple AWESOME! The most memorable time awhile ago was when APO and the other guests where on stage singing Handog. And It wasn’t until last night did I feel and understand the essence of the song and the hype that it created. What more if I was there in 1986 when they first sang that?

Much thanks to Sir Jim for the tweet about the volunteers, to Georg for accomodating, to the Aquino’s for being nice to us! And to my new friends- Carmel, Liya, Bea & Aaron. ‘Til our next escapade in the rollercoaster world of politics! Wooh! Cheers for CHANGE!

log on to: www.9noynoy.com & www.tuloypinoy.com people of the Philippines!

Tinaya ko ang Ninoy ko para kay Noynoy, kayo itataya niyo din ba?
The future President and Vice President of Philippines 2010.

Had to put this here (:

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